Scarse Project: Reference Images

Subjective reference images

( Provided courtesy of Scott Eaton <> )

[ Kodak VPS III ] [ Fuji NPS ]

Here is what Scott has to say about them:

These images were scanned from high quality, closed loop systems from manufacturer supplied 6x7 reference portrait film sets. These are about as good as scans get from negatives as far as dynamic range and tonal fidelity. Both images are approx 380x450 by 24-bit uncompressed TIF file. The JPEG compression algorithm distorts the tonal range so I choose not to upload these images in that format.

I provided these images because the main problem I see with novice scanner users and new digital capture camera owners is a lack of knowing what a good image looks like. Most digital scans on the internet lack correct contrast correction - hopefully these fleshtone images will correct that. They are also great for doing SUBJECTIVE calibrations of monitors and ink-jet printers.

NOTE: It's not a good idea to open these images with your browser. I strongly adivise saving them to your hard-drive and opening them with your paint program.

IT8.7 target images

Will be placed here in the future...

Reference grayscale images

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