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Thursday, 20 October 2005

Version 0.4-alpha is out!

This is the first new release of Scarse Project in a while, and hopefully worth the wait. Profile generation algorithm has been almost completely rewritten, and is significantly more accurate and robust. New profile library is drop-in compatible (and tested) with Photoshop/Adobe ACE. The source code has been ported to Windows, and binary Windows distribution is available.

Thursday, 12 April 2001

Scarse website updates

Scarse website was updated to include site index for easy access to content. Some links were well-hidden before, and things were getting confusing... A couple of broken SourceForge links were fixed (they just keep moving things around).

Also, I generated a number of generic RGB profiles for convenience of other users; they can be downloaded from profile library. Maybe these should be included in the next Scarse distribution?

Monday, 19 March 2001

Two known bugs in 0.3...

A number of people have reported two bugs present in Scarse 0.3-alpha. They will be dealt with in the next release; in the meantime, download fixes from patch manager, if you have not done so already.

In other news, I've started developing version 0.4. My main effort right now goes into work on profile generation algorithm. I am getting rid of interpolation routines (which have proven themselves incurably flaky), and replacing them with model fitting. The work goes slowly however, as I don't have much time to spare nowadays...

Wednesday, 20 September 2000

Version 0.3-alpha released!

This is a major new release of Scarse. A lot of new functionality, and internals have undergone extensive changes. New image IO wrapper library supports reading both TIFF and PPM, and adding other formats is much less complicated now. Color adjustment has been added to cmap, with automatic algorithm to handle negative film. Calibrate has been almost completely rewritten to allow for more flexible calibration data handling. Accuracy of ipb profile generation algorithm is significantly improved, especially in the shadows. Profiles now should be completely interchangeable with other CMS software.

This release took somewhat longer to finish than I expected, but I kept finding things that needed to be done :). In the end, the release was still a bit rushed (I'm moving to a different city next week), but I hope not too many bugs slipped through...

Tuesday, 01 August 2000 is up

Update your bookmarks! New homepage of Scarse project at is finally up and running. You will be redirected to new pages if you visit the old pages at, as the old pages will be taken offline soon.

Sunday, 09 July 2000

Scarse is coming to SourceForge

Scarse project is coming out of the closet! After almost a year of hiding in the shadows of my personal web pages, it is going to bravely show itself to a wider online audience. Please be gentle :)...

Scarse is getting set up at SourceForge, and if everything works out well, will be hosted there permanently. We also got our own domain name now (, and will be setting it up shortly (unless we run into unexpected difficulties, as it often happens :).

Thursday, 06 July 2000

Icclib bug found!

Nasty bug in icclib found and fixed. All version 0.2-alpha users should patch their icclib now, rather than wait for release 0.3. The bug affects both accuracy and speed of reverse curve lookups.

Friday, 30 June 2000

Version 0.3 is in the works...

Since I'm working on my PhD thesis right now, things are moving a little bit slow. But the release 0.3 is not too far off in the future. I've put a lot of work into optimizing profile generation algorithms, and did a major rewrite of some internals. The 0.3 is going to be good :)...

In other news, there's talk about GUI... Pixel Fairy said he'd give it a go once command line interface is frozen in 0.3. So maybe in 0.4... But, as usual, don't hold your breath :).

Wednesday, 03 November 1999

Version 0.2-alpha released!

This release offers more supported calibration targets, improved performance and various bugfixes over 0.1-alpha. The main difference, though, is better color correction algorithm. It turned out that multidimensional interpolation routines in 0.1 did not work as well as advertised :). They were too stiff and either overshot horribly or didn't do anything useful at all. Fancy variational methods my behind! Replaced by proletarian linear simplex interpolation, which actually works well for our data. Also, we now calculate matrix transform to best-fit calibration data before doing interpolation. As a result of these measures, saturation is brought under control, something 0.1 left to hardware to decide upon. We are actually at the point when you can scan Q60 on Polaroid SprintScan 4000 and el-cheapo HP Photosmart, run them through Scarse profiles, and overall colors will look almost identical!

Also, release 0.2 does away with code inherited from certain well-known book on numerical methods, which will remain unnamed. Apparently, authors do not want anybody actually using their code. Heaven forbid! Whether evil or just misguided in their licensing policies, it's their decision to make, so numerics in Scarse have undergone a rewrite. Hopefully, not too many new bugs were introduced...

Saturday, 23 October 1999

First bugs found!

No software release goes out without bugs. Scarse is no exception. Two bugs, one minor and one major, were discovered by John Pitney. Thanks!

The first bug is a TIFF byteorder issue for 16 bit/channel data. If your only use files coming from your machine, or 8 bit/channel data, this won't affect you.

The major bummer is that ipb v0.1 chokes on degenerate data, such as when highlights are blown out by the scanner or shadows are blocked. If you encounter problems like "ipb: Bad input to interp_1d()", or run into floating point exceptions, this is probably the cause. Email me and I will send you a quick fix patch.

Both bugs will be fixed in release 0.2-alpha, which is currently in the works. It will also offer improved profile generation (currently saturation is a bit low), and some new features. But don't hold your breath...

Saturday, 02 October 1999

Version 0.1-alpha released!

The first public release of Scarse is out. Main functionality is in place. Interface could use some work, most notably we need a GUI frontend. Translation through ICC profiles is working. ICC profile builder is working for profiles we need to calibrate scanner and display. Scanner calibration for transparency or reflective media is working. Generic display profiles work. The rest needs more work. Enjoy!

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